Oat Fiber is an insoluble fiber with many functional benefits. It is mostly composed of carbohydrates i.e., cellulose and hemicellulose. It is made from grinding oats hull which is by product of oats milling process. Oat fiber is contributes for reducing the level of cholesterol, mostly the levels of LDL i.e. Bad cholesterol. The regulation of sugar intake is also carried out by oat fiber and thus oat fiber is especially useful for people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome. There are many more applications of oat fiber such as it known for promoting regular bowel movements and speeding up the elimination of toxic wastes through the colon, preventing constipation, keeps an optimal pH in intestine thus avoiding colorectal cancer and oat fiber also works as prebiotics. Due to the fiber content in the oat fiber, the body weight is also controlled.

Due to its functional benefits, oat fiber is being used in many of the food and beverages industry. It also increases the volume of the product. Also, the market for oat fiber is very high as the end use of it are numerous. Also, the people buying oat fiber are so many due to the benefits it causes.

Oat Fiber Used as an Ingredient to Provide Functional Benefits

The oat fiber is a powder that is insoluble and is mostly added to bakery products to as a replacement to flours to make it a low-carb food. It is used in bread, cookies, pastries and a number of other baked items. Oat fiber is also used for making nutritional bars, confectioneries, cereals, superfoods because it acts as a product that keeps the product firmly. In breading and battering products that are made of chicken or seafood, oat fiber is an important component. Oat fiber brings the crispiness to the batter or breading. The fruit syrups also include oat fiber in their ingredients due to its fibrous nature. Fiber is an essential ingredient for humans as well as for the other animals. Thus, many pet food manufacturers add oat fiber into the pet food for fibrous content. Many dietary supplements have oat fiber as the main product along with other components to increase the nutritional value. In nutritional foods, many beverages are also in the market to provide that nutrition of oat fiber in an easily consumable way.

Applications in following industries:

  • Bakery and confectioneries
  • Meat and seafood products
  • Functional food
  • Cereal based products
  • Functional & Nutritional Beverages
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pet food


Certificates for oatfiber are in progress
for the moment only the GMP+ certificate is obtained. Other certificates like BRC are in progress and expected for april 2020

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